Miss Filipina International Pageant: Making the Whole Room Shimmer

The Miss Filipina International (MFI) Pageant, hosted by CEO and philanthropist Geoff Jiminez, is expected to reach new heights, redefining what the pageant queen is. Those of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, thanks to Geoff’s time with MFI, are cordially invited to partake in this wonderful opportunity, showcasing their character and beauty in the finest gowns. Each competitor has the chance to represent Filipino culture through their accomplishments and every guest has the chance to celebrate these wonderful women this summer.

Soon to be held at the lavish International Ballroom of The Beverly Hilton on Saturday, August 5, 2023, MFI will be following in the footsteps of many other red-carpet events that were previously held at the venue, including the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar Nominee Luncheon. Surrounded by the finest fashion, food, and people that Los Angeles has to offer, the esteemed event attendees will have the exciting opportunity to walk the red carpet before they watch the Coronation Night live. As each fashionably dressed guest locates their seat in the audience, they will find themselves gently humbled by the ballroom’s dazzling chandelier-inspired light fixtures, meticulously curated table arrangements, and the custom built-in stage that the pageant candidates will soon grace with their presences. Dressed in magnificent designer gowns, each charming candidate will share her story of success and her specific advocacies as she represents the ambition and hard-working qualities of Filipino culture.

As the champagne starts to make the night sparkle, guests will enjoy an incredible show that highlights the high fashion and inviting culture of the Philippines. As this year’s pageant has opened up the candidate requirement to allow competitors from all around the world as long as they have at least a quarter of Filipino heritage, the Coronation Night will celebrate the ways in which Filipino culture has diffused globally. This ceremony serves as a common ground for international interests as high-profile guests from around the world gather together and join in on the festivities. Truly set to become an event for the books, MFI’s long-awaited Coronation Night will boast carefully crafted spectacles and captivating stories.

This wonderful event was inspired by The Next Generation. As Geoff listened to his calling to take MFI to the next level of prestige, he knew he wanted to put together a show that would inspire the children of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. He did not rest until he was sure that the 2023 candidates of the pageant would inspire each viewer to embody the most resilient, hard-working, and creative versions of themselves. MFI is achieving its honorable mission of giving a voice to women and encouraging them to pass on the blessings as they create a better future for The Next Generation.

As Geoff fulfills his higher purpose of helping others by providing a platform for each incredible candidate, he knows it’s only the beginning of his bottomless generosity. After this year’s pageant is over, he is set to continue his philanthropic streak as he donates his time and money to more organizations and causes. He is passionate about sharing his good fortune as he helps various communities, especially the elderly. Geoff is undoubtedly excited as MFI marks the launch of this new phase in his career. He proves that helping people is the classiest and most fulfilling way to achieve success, and he is excited to use these upcoming opportunities to inspire others to feel the same way.

As MFI welcomes each internationally revered attendee, the team behind the event is more than hopeful that each guest will leave with an unshakeable calling to follow in Geoff’s footsteps, donating time and money to those less fortunate, bringing different communities together under one roof, and passing on the baton to inspire a chain of similarly positive events. With this charitable mindset and welcoming worldview, Geoff is beyond eager to celebrate the kindness and people that he meets along the way through the sophisticated MFI pageant!