MindStir Media Publishing Review: Best Self-Publishing & Book Marketing Services

The road to self-publishing a novel can be complicated at times. With so many companies promising success to young writers it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the different services offered. Even more importantly, it can often be hard to discern whether a company is worth the fees that they are charging.

Mindstir Media is a top self-publishing company, that has truly managed to create services that can help up-and-coming authors achieve greatness. What makes their service unique is that it can oftentimes start before you are even ready to publish a novel. This is because they offer a Ghost-writing Service that has often been called one of the best ghost-writing services available on the market. Once your novel has been completed, your true journey with Mindstir will begin.

Their self-publishing packages, which can easily be viewed on the website make the process of selecting the correct plan for your novel simpler. Some of the top features of these packages include the custom cover design, which is completely original, a full editing and proofreading service as well as mentoring sessions by best-selling author and founder of Mindstir Media J.J. Hebert. The combination of these features makes this self-publishing company unique, as it does not resort to cheap templates or basic proofreading, but instead offers clients a full range of professional services.

Once your novel is published, depending on the package that you have selected you will also gain access to the public services provided by the company. Depending on your needs you can use the publicity services available as part of your package, or you can purchase one of the further publicity services available through the company. No matter which of these two ways you go you are guaranteed positive exposure for your novel. This exposure is going to help drive sales and make your newly published novel a success.

Mindstir Media is one of those unique self-publishing companies that manage to offer a quality service at a reasonable price, especially when one considers all the different publishing elements that they assist authors with. If you want to feel like you have an entire team working with you to publish your novel, then Mindstir Media is truly the service you need.


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