Mimoza Thaqi: A Stunning Model With Eye-Catching Lifestyle

Mimoza Thaqi is a self-established social media model and influencer who has been a fashion inspiration to a substantial amount of Instagram followers. Her credentials include modeling for world-famous brands such as Orphica Cosmetics and Redbull, which have landed her in the limelight for models you should look out for whenever you want to be inspired by a new look. With her unique fashion sense and a knack for creativity, Mimoza has quickly established herself as a model that has made her strides in the beauty industry.

However, she does not want to stop there. With her extravagant sense of design and creativity, she has procured and made her own brand called Mimozaluxe that innovate on ideas that are already present and provide her fans and the general public with unique, inspired dresses, outfits and jumpsuits. This apparel is different, classy, and caters to a very broad audience or anyone who wants to look good.

Mimoza’s brand and her beauty tips have landed her on the front page of the Slovenian Newspaper. Her Albanian roots alongside her English background have generated a mix of fashion sense and social identity that has brought her into the flashlight time and time again. Currently, her main focus is on empowering women around her and motivating them in terms of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Mimoza has filled her Instagram page with tons of beauty tips and outfit inspiration ideas that you can follow to get a more sophisticated look. Unlike most influencers, she makes sure to connect with all of her audiences and tries to build a deep relationship with them.

The connection she wishes to establishes can be seen in her brand, Mimozaluxe, which brings out the best of her and provides us with amazing apparel that you can wear at any occasion to bedazzle everyone.

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