Midnightview has return…

Midnightview is back with a fresh and brand new single, that his fans have been waiting so long to hear, and he is definitely to please. The title of his new single is called “If I say I love you during sex I didn’t mean it” a long song title which seems to be a ongoing theme throughout his music catalog, which is getting more impressive with each soulf addition.

This song was produced by midnightview himself, The song follows a string of successful song reslese by Midnightview which are also all self produced, the instrumentation including soulful Rhodes, a smooth bassline, and hard hitting drums that work together perfectly. A female voice can be heard repeating the simple phase “I love you” to a catchy melody which serves as the hook to this masterpiece. Upon second listen you can start to peace together that this song is about a girl that is afraid of catching feelings and falling in love only to realize she is already in to deep, this would fit perfectly on a playlist with J. Cole’s “No Role Model and The Pharcyde “Passing Me By” as it is a extraordinary exhibition of great story telling, Midnightview flirt he way through the speakers with his opening line “What’s your name is, love you’re beautiful, Where your spot at, I’m trying to kiss it girl” his follows those lyrics with

She said no real names, Miss St. Vincent I’ll always use your stage name” which we think is eludes to a romantic interest with alternative rock star St. Vincent, if you’re not aware of St Vincent you should take some time to listen to her top 5 song on spotify. We also get a reference to another phenomenal artist with the lyrics “Sex is a weapon, My love you’re a killa, You’re killing them softly, You’re killing me, Ms Roberta Flack run it back”, Which Should Midnightview know his the Classics which also might explain why this so is so good, go take a listen now! While You’re at Don’t forget to listen to his many other soulf song!