Mert Turkmen – The Face of Hospitality Industry!

How many of us already knew what we would become in life? I believe hardly few. However, there are some who are born with definite desires and dreams. And they do what they believe they are born to do. One such person is Mert Turkmen, an Instagram influencer and a world-class restaurateur in Dubai.

Currently, Mert is the restaurant manager at Galliard Dubai. Well, we all know how difficult it is to work in the F&B industry. The industry that is known to be the fast paced with very late working hours. An industry that belongs to highly passionate people. Probably that’s what entices most people working in the same industry. And that’s the reason Mert has been working in the Industry for the last 7 years.

Since childhood, Mert knew that he wanted to make a career in the food industry. His interest started to grow in the field when he began spending time in the kitchen at his father’s steakhouse in Bebek, Turkey after which he made a career move to Cipriani in Istanbul. He has been in this field since the age of 15. Mert was born in Istanbul, which means the world of travel, fashion and glamour and that’s what made Mert interested in the luxury restaurant market.

He has made a name for himself, and for all the good reasons. Mert possesses immense knowledge in the field. Today, he is one of the most influential names in the field of hospitality. Apart from this, he is an avid traveler, he loves to explore the different parts of the world and try cuisines there. It is because of his passion for food he got to travel to different places and understand various traditions of the world.

In an interview, Mert said, “F&B runs in my family. I was born with it.” He further added, “I had very humble beginnings, but as the years went on, when I started growing in my career, I ended up in the glamorous UAE. First working in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, now I am working at one of Dubai’s top restaurants.” 

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