Mental health issues are at a Peak in Southeast Asia after the coronavirus breakout, says Tanzira Noor – A clinical Hypnotherapist of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH)

After the widespread of Covid-19 pandemic, people are having mental health issues in southeast Asia including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is a known fact that almost everyone is feeling stressed and experiencing the burnout phenomenon during this pandemic, a disaster. A growing number of people need help to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, psychological traumas and post lockdown fatigue. Mental well-being has become just as important as physical health. Today more practitioner therapists are needed to help people as they adjust to life during and post pandemic. The desire to help someone is a natural response in times of crisis.

Residing in Malaysia away from her motherland Bangladesh for the time being, Tanzira Noor a former media personal dedicated herself in such a job where somehow, She could be of help to others. Nothing seemed more attractive than to her learning the special skill of clinical hypnosis to address the stress and anxiety in people from London College of Clinical Hypnosis and comfort them with the help of hypnotherapy in Malaysia. Clinical hypnotherapy offers a kind and practical solution. Now a days it’s becoming more popular in Southeast Asia. She equipped herself with skills that will help herself, her family and the people around her who are suffering or seeking some form of means to help them through difficult situations, she said to us in an informal interview.

Before coming to this noble profession Tanzira Noor was a media personality of her country being a singer, presenter and actress at the same time. Tanzira Noor as a multitalented media personality; worked in TV, Radio, Drama, Film and an enlisted singer in National television from her childhood. One of her remarkable works has been being the program presenter of a woman’s entrepreneur show named Paddwarag in Channel One Entertainment Ltd. That show aired more than 100 episodes and was cherished by all. Later, she was associated with a Bengali Feature Film called Ostitto which was released in 2016 based on Autism. Working in health mental health sector was her dream which she is pursuing now a days and encouraging others.