Mena Guy Shares Her Experience Directing the Latest Horror Movie ‘The Undead’

The Undead is the latest addition to the must-watch films of the year. Touching down on topics like mental health and family dynamics, the film has effortlessly added horror to the mix while keeping it content-driven. The film’s writer, Bud Rebel, recently appeared for an interview, revealing an immense appreciation for the film’s director. The emerging independent female filmmaker, Mena Guy previously made headlines for her short movie Roasted. Her talent and exceptional storytelling skill of creating perfection with little has not gone unnoticed. The critics have reported her as the director to watch out for in the following years.

Mena generated buzz as the cast and crew gear up for promotional events for the film announced for global digital release. The distribution partner, Porter + Craig Film and Media, also shared with the audiences to get ready; the film will soon land on all leading streaming platforms.

When talking to the local media, Mena shared that she had almost instantly said yes to the film when writer Bud approached her. The crossroads of fear, chills, and suspense, coupled with the complex nature of human nature, impressed Mena. She saw the remarkable prospect that the story had. She saw the opportunity to deliver something that had never come out of an independent filmmaking space. The film received positive reviews from the jury of critics. The cinematography and story of the film stood out in the early reviews that came out.

The Undead director reminisced on the journey of making the film. In a limited budget, she shared that managing everything on a day-to-day basis is excessively demanding. Independent filmmaking leaves you with a massive burden to keep a check and balance. Even after due diligence and wise spending, the expenses add up quickly. Further speaking about the limited resources, she recalled they only had a day to shoot at Lake Minnewaska in upstate New York. With unpredictable weather conditions unfavourable to them, the cast and crew came together to pull it off. ‘Precision and efficient scheduling were essential to avoid costly reshoots. I’m grateful for the incredible team I had the privilege to work with. Together, we overcome these challenges, a testament to our collective dedication and resourcefulness,’ shared Mena.

Through the film, Mena has attempted to empower viewers to be involved in self-reflection. The sophisticated dynamics of family relationships and the element of unpredictability can sometimes hinder us from facing our innermost fears. The film features Bourke Floyd, Abby Gumpper, and Tanna Frederick in pivotal roles. 

Mena has some exciting projects in the line-up; she plans to explore her discretion for psychological horror thrillers. She looks forward to learning more about Filipino mythological creatures, which provides a sumptuous opportunity to evolve the psychological horror genre through this terrain and create something unique and thrilling.

The director advises the forthcoming generation of independent female filmmakers to keep pushing forward. No obstacle should be big enough to stop you from being passionate. Be willing to learn, unlearn, and learn in this profession. Be cooperative and collaborative. Be mindful of your choices and identify the right opportunities for you. ‘We all carry unique experiences and perspectives. Remember, the day we cease to learn is the day we cease to grow,’ she concluded.

For more details and information about the career of Mena Guy, visit her profile at Mena Guy on IMDb. She actively engages with her fans on Instagram. Watch The Undead and drop your constructive feedback about the film to her directly. Check out her YouTube channel, Church of Mena, where some of her work is available for free.