Meet This 17 years old French Artist – Real Young BOY

The music industry consists of thousands of independent artists and a range of professionals who assist singers and musicians … forming an independent record label, or “indie” labels. Every year hundreds of new artists enter the industry, but only very few can make position themselves.

Real Young BOY is one of the most upcoming artists – dedicated, hardworking, and genuinely passionate about what he does. Real Young BOY is a 17-year-old French artist. In a short span, he has accumulated more than 700,000 listenings on streaming platforms, and it was only possible because of his extraordinary creativity and the love fans are showing to him.

Between school & family, Real Young BOY locks himself in his room to rap. Indeed, Real Young BOY took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to devote himself professionally to music.

Today, Real Young BOY has just released their new sound called “Feelings” featuring “Yung Cyrus” & “Purpprxmi”. Mixed and mastered by Mattéo Carrico, the sound mixing rap with rock is an auditory pleasure.

This sound could very well be popular and become a hit on Tiktok.
We hope the best for Real Young BOY.

To know more about French Artist Real Young BOY don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @youngbo.y

Photo Credit: @colorblind.16