Meet “The Youngest and Best Anticipatory Bail Expert in Mumbai” Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar, A rising name of faith and integrity in the legal world

This is an article with a personal experience of one of my family members, who is free today because of the professional help and uncountable efforts of Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar comes from a family consisting of 4 members, i.e., his parents, wife, and himself. His mother is a homemaker, and his father is a retired Municipal Officer at Mumbai. His wife used to work as a Coordinator at an International School, but during the COVID period, she took a break from her career. 

Being an only child, the childhood of Mr Sunny Waskar was not too difficult, not too easy. His father is a social person; he had many friends who visited along with their whole family, so Mr Sunny Waskar had ample experience meeting various people from a different sect of the society since his childhood. These family gatherings helped him learn about many different cultures from a very early age. His family is a living example of secularism as his mother is a Hindu, his father has faith in Christianity, and his wife, Mrs Drashti Waskar, follows Jainism. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar is a person who picks up his inspiration from almost everyone. So he tries to pick the best out of every person he meets. 

Picking up advocacy was a decision made by his family, as no one in the family had a law background. So initially, it went difficult for Mr Waskar. However, it was soon turned into a passion when he met his Guru and Mentor, Mr Kshitij R. Mehta. Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar holds very high regard for his Guru and Mentor as he says that Mr Mehta is the sole craftsman. The latter helped him in his initial days and kept guiding him to date on all walks of life. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar has a vision for the youth that every citizen should know the law of the land, which will help them understand their rights and their duties towards the country. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar has message to all the young and upcoming lawyers “I want to congratulate them for picking this field and have faith in the path and always remember that you are the future of our country. Be your best and never give up. Also, remember that the law is not what you think and feel, but the law is written in the legislators’ legislation with a strict interpretation. All the young lawyers have it inscribed on your soul that no one is above the law. Even the lawmakers who make the law have to follow the law while making it. The courts that administer justice are sitting on such posts as per law. Law is the only supreme power in a democracy”.

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar is a Criminal Defence lawyer who attends the Bombay High Court and the Sessions Court at Dindoshi Mumbai. He specialises in obtaining Bail and Anticipatory Bail for his clients and he is entirely against pre-trial incarceration. Mr Waskar gets agitated when an undertrial prisoner has to spend time behind bars. Mr Waskar prefers to go by the book and not to be driven by emotion and assumptions. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar wants to be a prominent luminary in the Criminal Justice Delivery System. He wants to bring in a change in how matters are dealt with at the same time. He wants to strike a balance where the victims of the crime are compensated, and the accused be treated as per law and not in an undignified and arbitrary manner. 

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar has a motive in his life that he wants to develop something that the vast majority of the citizens should have basic knowledge and understanding of the law. He wants the Governments of all countries to educate the masses about their rights and duties throughout their education period. Law should be a compulsory subject during all the years of education. The children should respect the police and other forces and not fear them. Every citizen should have a feeling of brotherhood for his fellow citizens. Every citizen should uphold the spirit of the constitution.  

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar has a different definition of success. He understands that being successful is an ability to stand for everyone and have a particular set of people to stand for you and maintain it throughout life. He thanks everyone in his family, friends, his office staff and associates and colleagues, his clients and everyone he knows for somehow shaping his life and letting him gain experience through the encounter.

Advocate Sunny Aaron Waskar helps many people in need through his 24 hours working office “Sunny Waskar and Associates.