Meet the Versatile Model Dr. Tanya Chaudhari who is making a difference with her breast cancer awareness programme

From being a model to doing groundwork as a social worker, meet Dr Tanya Chaudhari spreading awareness about breast cancer. She is also a physiotherapist by profession and has earned massive recognition for her work as a visionary doctor.

Over the years, we have heard hundreds of stories about different professionals and individuals from across industries and sectors. These stories that we hear are often about how unique they are and how these individuals carved their own path in attaining the success they enjoy today in their respective fields. Knowing more about them instills more hope and positivity in others and also inspires the world in ways more than one. We came across one such high-performing professional, who is a versatile talent and a doctor; she is Dr Tanya Chaudhari, a physiotherapist by day and a model/actor and a social worker otherwise.

Who is Dr Tanya Chaudhari, you ask? Well, this young medical professional always believed in impacting lives through her work, which is why she entered the medical field and became a physiotherapist. However, she felt there was so much more to life, and to take a step further and make a difference in the lives of others; she also turned into a social worker. But there is more than what meets the eye in the case of this wonderful wonder woman who hails from Safipur, India. Dr Tanya Chaudhari has also enthralled people with her modelling and acting talents. She is also a blogger on social media and has a massive fan following from across India and the Gulf countries.

Her unique fashion sense, combined with her charming personality and impeccable acting skills, have helped her earn a colossal number of followers on her social media, which has increased her stocks in the industry. However, Dr Tanya Chaudhari has been making more headlines recently for the kind of social work she has been doing consistently. She has been working on ground for her social work and running a breast cancer awareness program in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

So far, Dr Tanya Chaudhari has made over 10,000 aware in 34 villages and towns. With this, she has already gained immense recognition and accolades for her groundwork, where she works with the genuine intention to do the greater good for people by spreading the right information and knowledge and making people more aware of the dreadful disease.

Dr Tanya Chaudhari looks unstoppable in all her endeavours and noble works and wants to keep working in the direction that can lead to a better change in the country. To know more, follow her on Instagram @officialtanyachaudhari or visit her website,