Meet Salman Rahman A Young Musical Artist and The Man Behind Dhaka Focus

Nowadays Bangladeshi people are leading in several industries including Music, Gaming and Creative platforms.   

And in this crowd era of modern people doing creative things, Salman Rahman is none but a multi-dimensional addition. Salman Rahman being a Musical Artist also developed a new modular News/Media platform in Bangladesh named Dhaka Focus which is accessible with the link 

Currently, In the Bangladesh Music Industry Pop Songs are getting famous and Salman Rahman is a rising star to the indigenous people of Bangladesh. Salman Rahman aged 24 years was born in Dhaka in 1998 and is now staying with his only sister Ayesha Siddiqa Nawshin in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Salman Rahman has started his Musical Journey on May 2021 when he first released his Single “Background Vibes” globally. Soon after that he has released his next Album “Unmasked Reality” and most recently he released his another Album “Bangladesh Vibes”. Salman Rahman is basically an EDM artist & has been featured on several news sites and he is also a verified artist in Spotify. 

Salman Rahman is the only Son of Md Siddiqur Rahman and Rawshan Akter. He has a girlfriend named Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub. From the beginning of his career he wanted to become a Musician and tried his best from his early age. But later gradually he passed out from Shaheed Police Smrity College in 2015 and Adamjee Cantonment College in 2017. Salman Rahman is a Student of the Military Institute of Science and Technology and Pursuing his degree on CSE. 

Salman Rahman has also a good computer programmer and with his coding skills has published a popular news/media platform

To tell more about Dhaka Focus. is a popular news/media agency based on Dhaka Bangladesh and it’s language is Bengali. The CEO of Dhaka Focus is Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub. Salman Rahman has established the Website and is currently growing popular with 100’s of Employees around dhaka. The news flashed by Dhaka Focus are much more better than other popular websites in Dhaka.

Salman Rahman for his wonderful creations has received Bangladesh Music Award on 2021 which was held in Zennis Headquarter and best innovation award 2021

Salman Rahman is raising funds from Zennis which is a Clothing Store in Dhaka founded this year and from this he is donating money to the poor. At present, Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub is the CEO of this company Zennis. 

This young talent Salman Rahman has quoted. “Many has dreamt of doing something potential but their idea got nipped in the bud just because of not trying. I’m trying my best to bring a change and I will be successful one day Insha Allah”. In the end of this interview, Salman Rahman expressed that soon He wants to grow more and do something bigger for his nation. If not from Music, through writing or Fighting. May Almightly help Salman Rahman achieve his dream.

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