Meet Pittsburgh’s Hottest Entrepreneur, Tara J

Tara J was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She grew up in the neighborhood of Garfield. She has been very determined since a very young age and always knew that she wanted a career for herself. After she graduated high school, she attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh. After spending four years there she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in multimedia. 

Hard work and dedication is very important to this young entrepreneur. She is fun and loving and very passionate about what she does. Only two months after graduating college she created her first LLC business called HotxxMagazine LLC which is a multimedia company. But she didn’t stop there because in 2019 she started her second LLC called Hotxxmagonlineradio which is an online radio show. On her radio show she plays artist’s music and does live interviews and she really shows her support to the local talent on her platform. She has been awarded for her creativity and work and in 2021 she was awarded “Best Podcast of PGH 2021”. 

In June 2021, Tara’s life took a turn for the worst when her mother passed away. She did not let that stop her motivation. Shortly after that she completed her documentary explaining her life. She also explains in her documentary how she was teased and bullied for always wanting a career early in life. Tara J continues to reach for the stars with her goals being her biggest motivation to keep pushing daily. She wants to encourage other younger generations that anything is possible and to always work hard for what they want to achieve in life. The moral of her story is to encourage anti-bullying in many communities and to promote and encourage the younger generation to attend college and always pursue their dreams. An inspirational young woman like her deserves for her story to be told.

Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey is a freelance journalist with a BA in journalism from James Cook University, Australia. He has six years of experience writing for different blogs and websites on a variety of topics, including celebrities, business, gadgets and technology.

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