Meet Nelse D, A Man of Many Trades 

Nelse Dumas Jr also known as Nelse D is from Youngstown but currently lives in Pittsburgh Pa. He is 28 years old and on the road to success. 

Nelse D is a producer, rapper, and performer. He has been surrounded by music his whole life but took a personal interest in creating music in his pre-teens. This entrepreneur is up to big things being the creator of his company called Union Money ENT LLC where he offers music production, photography and videography, and promotion. He produces for friends, family, local talent d his UnionMoney ENT members. He is also signed with Bentley Records. You can stream his newest hit singles “How Do You Like It”, “Clubhouse Shawty”, and “Peep It” on all major streaming platforms. 

Nelse D has been working hard within his career and has been in the presence of big artists such as; Frenchie, Mac Miller, Gillie The Kid, Lil Scrappy, A-Town, and many more! On top of all he has already done Nelse D has written and co-written short films. One he has recently worked on is called “No Safe Zone”. He has a background in musical theater and he just loves to entertain. 

He has also been able to perform as an independent artist at different venues around the country. Nelse D has also had to chance to be interviewed by some top radio stations in the world such as This Is 50 and Power 105.1. Music is his heartbeat and he creates songs that birds can sing to. He is hard at work and building a foundation for his team to flourish.