Meet Elvisa Dedic, aka the “Bosnian Kim Kardashian”

Elvisa Dedic It is something that seldom goes unnoticed, and it is something that is consistently brought up in conversation on social networks such as Instagram. The stunningly beautiful model is known for posting racy photos of herself on her many social media pages, which causes her followers to be in awe of her. Elvisa Dedic is frequently likened to the Bosnian version of Kim Kardashian due to her luscious curves. 

Elvisa has succeeded in the fashion industry, in business, and as a social media figure. People are referring to her under her new name Bosnian Kim Kardashian because she is said to mirror Kim Kardashian in many respects, including fashion, being an icon, being a shrewd businesswoman, and being the wealthiest model. This is why people are referring to her as Bosnian Kim Kardashian.

She has been the greatest source of inspiration for her followers and encouragement to improve themselves through running a profitable brand in her name and influencing the public with her amazing sense of style and lovely body. Elvisa Dedic is a rising talent in the music industry.

The popularity of social media is growing as more fashion and lifestyle influencers are using it. For at least the last six months, Instagram has been dominated by Bosnian-born Elvisa Dedic. In this article, we’re focusing on Dedic’s Instagram career and ascent to business.

She was raised in great poverty and is from Bosnia. She was created during a conflict. She was skinny and ate very little. Her mother is a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of her own cleaning company. Her stepfather was a foreign police guns advisor and an undercover drug and drug agent. Her desire to pursue a profession in law and become an attorney was sparked by the fact that both of her biological fathers were members of the law enforcement community.

Only a limited number of people effectively use their position of influence to encourage young people to take on the world in ways other than purely physical. One of the few powerful individuals in the world, Elvisa Dedic uses her position to support women and girls worldwide.

She had always aspired to be like her father, a police officer, and her stepfather, a narcotics agent and chief policy advisor for international firearms. She faced academic difficulties in her early years, but she decided to pursue law because she wanted to be able to follow in the footsteps of her father and stepfather. She earned three degrees from a top university before graduation while maintaining a 4.0-grade point average.

She put a lot of effort into working at the courthouse for six years and was rewarded with a psychology master’s degree and a criminal justice bachelor’s degree. Despite working full-time, she aspires to excel in the fashion sector. When her career started to take off, her guiding principle was to build a brand rather than just wear one. With this in mind, she created her cosmetics line, and its popularity gave her an edge in the cutthroat industry.

She has a strong conviction that one may make their luck. According to her, anything is possible if a person has the correct attitude and frame of mind. In addition, she is a fierce supporter of feminism. She draws a lot of inspiration and ideas from women who lived in the 1950s and 1970s, which was the period when women started to organise the feminist movement. She wants to effectively pursue power and get it so she can set an example for other women and give them power. Elvisa is sure that women supporting other women in their achievements will lead to more female empowerment, in contrast to many other celebrities.

She looks up to strong women who have fought tenaciously for reforms that will enable women to succeed as role models and admires them as sources of inspiration. Elvisa holds Judge Eleni Derke in high regard and Rhonda, the first elected African American woman judge.

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Fun facts

  • After only two years in America, she has already won the Maryland spelling bee. 
  • She was the school’s fastest typer and could type 200 words per minute. 
  • She wears size five shoes. 
  • She weighs 145 pounds and is 5’2″.
  • Libra is her zodiac sign.
  • Her preferred sweet is Nutella. 
  • Her 10-year relationship with an Albanian man ended badly, and she has been single ever since, working on her modeling, brand, and legal career. 
  • Titanic is her favorite movie.