Meet Danny Warbuckz, Music & Film Producer/Stock & Crypto Investor

Danny Warbuckz, who’s real name is Samuel Hayslett, is a current rising businessman and entrepreneur. His main focuses include music, film, fashion, real estate and finance. He’d like to show his followers how he runs his businesses, and also the power of investing in yourself and others.

Danny Warbuckz’s music company is called Music Files Inc, and this company discovers new artists. We provide them with our “Beyond The 360 Deal”, and we invest into their branding, marketing and development. These artists go through this process until they become established enough to either sign to a major label, or continue with a career as an independent artist. “Music is the healing of the soul. Music also helps cultivate the culture and minds of people.” Danny is also producing a new film that focuses on the problems within the inner city in America, called “The Black Experiment.” This is definitely a film you’d want to check out when it releases 2023.

Another one of Danny Warbuckz main focuses include stocks, crypto currency and real estate. Danny invested around six figures into the stock market and into crypto currency, and he’s one of the few who came back with a profit. Not only has he used some of his earnings to purchase real estate within the United States, but he’s also looking to purchase additional real estate throughout Europe. Danny is definitely a stand out figure when it comes to modern day entrepreneurs.

Danny Warbuckz is focused on heading to the top of his field in any industry he steps in. Make sure to keep up with Danny Warbuckz on all social media platforms @dannywarbuckz in order to stay up to date with all the future business ventures that this rising entrepreneur is working on.

To connect with Danny Warbuckz, you can follow him on Instagram @dannywarbuckz, Twitter @DannyWarbuckz and TikTok @dannywarbuckz.