Meet Best-selling Author Samira Vivette, Making Waves in the Poetry World with Her Debut Collection

Samira Vivette is a poet, writer, and best-selling author of the poetry collection, “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts.” An avid writer her entire life, Samira has a versatile writing approach and draws inspiration from unconventional ways of thinking and themes that are often overlooked.

How long have you been writing for?
For as long as I can remember. I used to write film scripts from a really young age which transitioned into poetry a little later on. I’ve written songs for most of my life and completed an entire horror novel in my early teenage years. Writing has always been a part of who I am.

Do you currently write for any online platforms?
I share my poetry and quotes on my Instagram page @samiravivette, and I currently write for Thought Catalog.

How did the idea for “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts” come about?
I knew I was going to write a book, and I remember having so many different topics that I initially began writing about – they were completely opposite to each other. I know poetry books have certain themes that are all relative to a certain point, but I wanted to create a random assortment of common themes and experiences that hadn’t really been seen together in one collection to the extent I had in mind.

Why did you decide on the color pink for the cover?
I wanted to do something different, and I found this particular shade of pink to be quite appealing and gentle on the eyes; and it spoke to me. It also worked with the theme of the book and its chapters due to the glittery, pastel, sparkly kind of aesthetic I was going for.

Your book debuted on the Amazon Best Seller list alongside some well-known names in the industry. How did that feel?
It felt incredible to be in such good company with so many authors and poets I admire. To top the national category for Australian and Oceanian poetry and then to chart in the International Poetry by Women category was a dream come true.

What’s next for Samira Vivette?
I always say this, but watch this space. I believe in working hard and not giving too much away. But I’m going to keep sharing my words, my experiences, and my hardships to help those who may be feeling lost and misunderstood – those who need a little pick-me-up or someone to relate to. I don’t think I’ll ever stop sharing my words because I couldn’t imagine a life without writing.

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