Meet Arturo “Tone G” Green

Arturo “Tone G” Green is an astute business owner, keen talent magnet, founder of TG management, a thriving full-service talent management company. A native of Temple, Texas, the rapper turned manager is a lover of music with a rare gifted for spotting talent. Best known for his ability to create opportunities and utilize talents, he has collaborated with local acts and talents to discover future mainstream approach that will be relevant to their success in the music industry. Besides his versatility in his field, he is proficient in delivering strategies that can help mostly these artists and talents become more aware of ways to expand their fan base and gain more appeal and exposure.

In addition to his working understanding, he is one talent manager who always works with the goals and visions of his clients. TG management currently boasts some fast-rising and promising artists such as 8Shotit, Illykzr The Great, and king drip walker. As someone who has being in the industry, Tone G recognizes the need to help these musicians become more aware of their industry. Arturo ensures that his contributions to the growth of their career are focused on sustainability and careful evaluations. 

Tone G’s experience in the entertainment makes him a professional choice for artists who are in search of driving sustainability in their craft. His records display both skills and qualifications that can enhance productivity, performance, and lead bottom-line results. Likewise, he is open-minded and embraces opportunities that requires his industry knowledge. Arturo loves his work because it provides him the opportunity to work with various people while equipping them with valuable resources that make them widely sought-after.

To know more about Tone G follow him on Instagram: @tone_escobags