Meet Artist and Entrepreneur Arad Ghodrati from Atlanta, Making waves in the Digital Marketing world with TechoMarket

Today, we are living in a digital world, where the most successful members of our society have taken advantage of and manipulated the resources that 21st century technology has catered. Among these members is Arad Ghodrati, an Iranian-American entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, who is also of the biggest names when it comes to content marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing in Iran.

Ghodrati was born in Shiraz, Iran on December 19th, 1995 and began his business endeavors in the United States in 2017, when he branded his own digital marketing company, TechoMarket. As of today, not only has he been the branding brain behind a myriad of Iranian celebrities for the past 4 years, but he has also contributed his experience to enhance digital marketing techniques here in the United States.

After discovering his love for programming, code, and web design as a kid, Arad has continued to experiment with technological advancements ever since. After all, the constant change that takes place in the world of programming and code is not to be ignored. Irrespective of the content management system that your website is using, Arad can modify the old brand and streamline it according to your needs. Similarly, if you want to establish your say in the digital world, his company, TechoMarket, familiar with the most updated standards, techniques, and platforms to empower your business website completely, will be your website developer.

Arad’s company is quite popular in the southern U.S., where his effective marketing strategies have been the catalyst in the growth of both local and international companies— new or established. In fact, TechoMarket has become such a hot topic in the southern U.S., that the CEO, Arad Ghodrati, is managing social media workshops in various countries to share his views on the latest technology.

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