Meet Al Edwards aka “The Forex Champ”

Al “The FOREX Champ” Edwards has spent his life seeking a way to escape the financial grind produced by the traditional 9-5 life. In his journey to financial and time freedom he found the solution in FOREX trading. While working in a senior management position in corporate America, Al poured his free time into learning this skill set. Over his 3-year journey he has refined his trading style and technique in the foreign exchange market by coining simplified strategies that will help any level trader become consistently profitable trading in the financial instruments’ markets. The FOREX Champ is a man who wants to see everyone around him win.

Coming into the prime of his life he has dedicated himself to teaching all those around him how to achieve financial freedom by learning how to trade in the FOREX Market. As the full-time lead educator of an exclusive Trading Education Team, Global FX Tradehouse, he has supported his lead educators, as well as many of his students on their journeys to success and ultimately retirement from many walks of life. He is fully invested in the financial freedom of all those who surround him. However, attaining Master Trader status has afforded Mr. Edwards much more than the joy of watching those he mentors, teaches, and guides reach their goals, his success as a multi-figure trader has allowed him the ability to provide a beautiful life for his family, as well to invest in his dreams.

The financial rewards reaped from successfully trading have afforded Mr. Edwards the capital needed to invest in several projects. These projects include giving back to his community, funding projects for the betterment of his team, investing in franchise opportunities, among other lucrative ventures. But, more importantly he has been able to share his gifts and talents with the team he has attracted through an exclusive trading education platform that surpasses others in the industry. It is here that Mr. Edwards is also flourishing reaching ranks that have earned him the recognition and respect of other leaders in the FOREX education industry.

Al Edwards is a gem amongst educators. He is taking the trading education space by storm and is a force to be reckoned with. Known to his students as “Yoda” for his practical trading and life advice during his training sessions, he is admired by each person who is blessed to receive his wisdom. Keep your eyes on the charts and ears open for what is to come next in “The FOREX Champ’s” orbit.

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Contact Al Edwards at:

Educational Office: 7207 Regency Square Blvd Ste. 260, Houston, TX 77036 (Face to Face training sessions are conducted at this education facility, please connect with Mr. Edwards via IG for F2F training availability, dates and times)