Meet 021kid the Persian Drill Music Genre Pioneer

Tony Mohraz aka 021kid made a sharp turn up in 12 months with over 1 million plays on Soundcloud.

He decided to pursue rap full-time and ambushed the Persian music industry with constant single releases, making waves with tracks like “ 31tir ” which debuted as one of the most played Persian rap songs on Soundcloud with more than 500k plays in 12 months since July 2020.

Very briefly tell us who you are?
I’m Tony Mohraz born 11 august 1997 known professionally as “021kid“ is an Iranian rapper, songwriter, producer, and the DrillFarsi label owner. I am considered to be the Persian drill music genre pioneer.

How did you become the Persian drill music genre pioneer?
I have moved to London in December 2019 and after hanging around some specific postcodes in London and blending with culture my style grew progressively harder and more aggressive as my skills expanded, with melodic and lighthearted flows becoming more confident and fluid by 2020s “ Dally” single featuring south Londoner rapper ( Nixxxsta ) which people also refer to it as the first Persian drill song in history!

It was just after that track that a new trend within the new generation has started, a new genre was born and I became the Persian drill pioneer.

Have you released any music videos?
Yes ‘ West London ’ music video is also the first Persian drill music video of the history

Have you ever been on the stage before?
Yes on 5th September 2019 just before I moved to London with less than 12 months of my arrival in the UK and no prior experience in live performing, got the chance to perform my first official English single track called ” Amazing Grace ” in Manchester Arena in front of 300 people and had the crowd applauding for me.

Tell me more about the First time ever Persian drill got played on the International Radio
After I made a lot of noise I got approached by two of the radio presenters in the UK: the first one was ” Shay D ” from radio representative which the results were playing ” West London ” live on the ” Reprezent Radio” The Spotlight show which was basically the first time ever a Persian Drill music has been played on an international radio

Not too long after the first play on the radio, ” Ellie Prohan ” from ” Kissfmuk ” Radio decided to play me and the Persian drill once again to the entire country

as well shortly after I have released ” TARLAN ” the east London based radio ” Doncityradio ” invited me over for a live performance of that tune 

Tell us more about DrillFarsi 
As an independent artist who came up on his own, I decided to expand my career and help upcoming artists to achieve the same results, that wherein 2021 drillfarsi.com was born.

An independent music streaming service that had got recognized due to my success from the Persian drill genre. DrillFarsi offers a mass of features for musicians and artists starting from music publishing to media articles and a marketplace where letting people sell their music, beats and have a place to call home for their music and fan base.

DrillFarsi was launched as a record label in Late August due to the number of requests from the fans and the market needing a platform to host its talents and have a base for Persian drill, DrillFarsi.com came online, a service providing users to upload their music, interact with other users, and become recognized as there was nowhere for this genre to be seen or followed.

To know more visit: https://021kid.com/ and https://drillfarsi.com/ don’t forget to follow 021kid on Instagram and Soundcloud

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