Medical Company claims they have found remedy for HIV/AIDS

A pharmaceutical company trusts it might have a potential solution for HIV/AIDS, which could help a huge number of Pennsylvanian’s living with the infection.

American Gene Technologies (AGT) recorded a medication application with the Federal Drug Administration.

The Baltimore company guarantees that in the about 1,000-page archive to the FDA, lies the remedy for HIV/AIDS.

AGT calls the phone and quality treatment, AGT 103-T.

The single portion medicate has a straightforward reason, to kill HIV for the last time.

“We need to move these people from anti-retroviral control to permanent immunity and we think this project may be able to do that,” AGT CEO Jeff Galvin said.

An expected 1.1-million individuals in the United States are living with HIV and AIDS, including in excess of 36,000 living in Pennsylvania.

The company hopes to get notification from the FDA before the year’s end.

In the event that their application is affirmed, clinical preliminaries could start in January.

Anyway it could even now be quite a while before the medication gets last endorsement and goes to market.