McRae’s book on boxing – how it can bring hope in the trouble

Donald McRae has written a book that revolves around Gerry Storey. Storey is the man behind the Holy Family boxing club in Belfast. McRae had walked through the best and worst of boxing with Storey. Storey is the center of the book, around whom McRae has allegedly told the stories of four other great Ulster boxing figures of the times –Hugh Russell, Barry McGuigan, Davy Larmour and Charlie Nash.

Storey’s Holy Family was allegedly a place where fighters from both sides of the divide were welcomed, all the fighter were truly safe, even when trust-less war were a fact of life beyond the door. Storey has allegedly survived three attempts on his life. 

McRae has not overplayed anything. Of course, the book doesn’t say that boxing can solve the Troubles or bring peace to the province or any of that jazz. But it is about the hopes that boxing brings in the trouble.