Maya Aboul Hosn Representing Lebanon at Miss Universe 2023

The Miss Universe pageant 2023 global stage will witness the presence of a remarkable young woman Maya Aboul Hosn, a 25-year-old radio and television personality from Btekhnay, Lebanon. This opportunity comes as a result of her star performance in the Miss Lebanon 2022 competition.

Maya, who hosts shows at LBCI Lebanon, took to social media to share her excitement about her journey to the Miss Universe competition. She wrote on her social media accounts, “Embarking on an incredible journey to represent Lebanon in the Miss Universe competition. With love and pride for my hometown, let’s shine on the global stage.”

The young beauty queen is determined to make her mark at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant, scheduled for November 18, 2023, in El Salvador. She is already gaining a powerful support system, and her gratitude to her hometown and supporters shines through her words.

Maya Aboul Hosn will not be alone in this journey; she will be joined by other famous Arab competitors, including Mohra Tantawy (Miss Universe Egypt 2023) and Lujaine Yacoub (Miss Universe Bahrain). Together, these remarkable women will set the Miss Universe stage ablaze, proudly representing their respective nations.

 In the 1971 Miss Universe pageant, Georgina Rizk made history by becoming the first Lebanese and Middle Eastern/West Asian woman to win that title. Maya Aboul Hosn aims to bring the crown back to Lebanon, and her supporters eagerly look forward to seeing her presence on an international stage.

Maya Aboul Hosn’s journey is awe-inspiring because she is committed to breaking barriers and challenging norms. Maya Aboul Hosn, with her unique combination of strength, independence, beauty, and intelligence, is determined to showcase the ambition and power of Arab women to the world.

The Miss Universe platform is not for personal achievement but to encourage women to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and break barriers. The message is clear: Every woman is beautiful just as she is, and no one should ever try to change that.

As Maya Aboul Hosn prepares to compete in Miss Universe 2023, her journey serves as a source of inspiration and pride for Lebanon and women worldwide. She represents the spirit of determination and hope that surpasses borders, reminding us that we can shine on the global stage with love and pride.

To know more about Maya Aboul Hosn, you can follow her on Instagram @mayaaboulhosnnn