Mateo Gribbly Shows Up On Time With “Muy Tarde”

For Mateo Gribbly, 2022 has gotten off to an exciting start. Following up on his previous two singles, “Los Dos,” and “En La Mia,” the Miami artist has returned with a new ballad: “Muy Tarde.” Over airy plucks and a slow-paced groove, he floats with an uplifting cadence.

Mateo Gribbly has a knack for picking instrumentals, and once again, he picked right. The drum line is simple and slow, yet smooth, giving him ample room to hit all the high notes. It’s a track that’s perfect for a cool night at a beach as one’s thoughts wander off. Mateo has always known how to perfectly complement a beat with catchy vocals. The end result is a vibe.

For the rest of the year, things look bright for Mateo Gribbly. If he continues to release music of this quality, with this level of catchiness, he may very well become a household name. With music perfect to be played in his hometown of Miami, there’s no doubt he’ll be landing on playlists in the party scene.

Listen to the track:

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