Manage Your Electronic Files Most Efficiently Using the PDFBear Platform

Many people are using different electronic files today instead of dealing with physical and printed documents. With technological advancement, it’ll be a lot easier to create and view files on the device you’re using, and even transferring or sharing them with others will give you so much convenience. 

However, if you have tons of electronic files that you use for practical reasons at work or school, you may find it challenging to manage them properly on your device. Besides that, if you need a particular file format that you can’t find on your computer or smartphone, that will be a problem if you don’t have any tools at hand to process it for you. The same thing goes for putting a password in your PDF files for security purposes. These seem to be easy tasks, but they can be difficult if you don’t have available tools to use. 

Hence, you can explore the PDFBear platform online to help you with your electronic file management. It’s a website you can freely access that will provide you with various tools you can use to complete any file tasks. Hence, check some of its helpful tools below and see their functions and features. 

Delete PDF Pages Tool

If you’ve been using PDF files for a long time, you may have experienced different challenges while using that file format. You might have trouble when you want to remove a particular page or a few pages from the original file. However, with the PDFBear tool, you can quickly delete pages from PDF

Just get your files uploaded on the PDFBear’s website. After that, select the particular pages you want to remove, and hit the “Apply Changes” button for the tool to start saving the changes you’ve made on your file. Within a few minutes, you can download the newly updated PDF on your device without the pages you’ve recently removed. 

PDF Password Protection Tool

This is one example of a file task that might give you a problem to complete if you’re not using the right tool or don’t have anything at hand. Good thing that PDFBear will offer you its PDF password protection tool for free. It’ll help you activate a password of your choosing for security purposes. 

You can combine different numerals, letters and even include some special characters to make your password strong and safe. As long as no one knows about the password you’ve set up, no one can access your PDF without your permission. Hence, if you’ve successfully added the password in your PDF files, you have to provide it every time you open and access it on your device. 

Unlock PDF

If there’s a tool that will allow you to put a password in your PDF files, there’s also one that will remove it. If you have encrypted files that don’t contain sensitive information and confidential data, it’ll be better to keep them without any password. Doing so will let you access and view your PDFs on your device without worrying about keying in an incorrect password. You only have to upload your PDF on the online tool of PDBear, provide the original password, and tap the “Unlock PDF” button. Within a few minutes, your PDF file has been successfully decrypted. 

File Conversion Tool

One of the tools that most electronic file users have usually used is the file conversion tool. If you’re looking for a particular format that you need for a project, but you can’t find it on your device, that’s the time you’ll be needing this file conversion tool. You’ll be transforming your existing files to another file format. 

For example, if you want to have a more reliable and fixed file format, you can convert your Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations to PDF. Besides that, you can also quickly convert PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, HTML to PDF, and many other files you can process conversion on the PDFBear website. 

PDF Merger

When you have so many PDF files on your computer or smartphone, you may find it challenging to organize them properly. Worse, these files might scatter all over your device’s screen, making it difficult for you to look for a particular file you need. That’s why you have to use this PDF merger of PDFBear to help you apply an effective file organization on your device. It’ll allow you to merge multiple PDFs and save them as one PDF file. That’s why if you have hundreds or thousands of PDFs on your smartphone or computer, it’ll surely become less than that. 


Electronic file management has been an easy task for many people, but it may still remain difficult for those who don’t have any tools to use. Good thing that PDFBear is available online to give you access to any tools you might need to help you complete your file task. Hence, always visit the website whenever you need one in the future.