Making Your Home Safe for Children

Children are very naughty, mischievous, curious, and always trying something or other. Sometimes mischief, sometimes accidents, and in accidents, children often harm themselves. We, of course, do want to make our house the most comfortable and accident-free place for our children, and for the same, we put our best efforts, but it takes only 1 mistake for a big accident, a huge incident.

Despite your maximum effort, if you are lacking somewhere and want to make your home the safest place for children, let us see some instruments, devices, and accessories which will make the furniture in your house, the culinary and cutlery harmless to you and your children. We are about to see some solutions to make your home safest for children in two parts, First is your Kitchen and then the rest of your home.

A common rule for your house safety is your ALL-TIME HIGH ATTENTION. Be attentive whenever kids are at home. Secondly, look around, take a quick tour of your house, and list things, furniture, or arrangements that can be hazardous for you or your children. For the list, focus mainly on sharp objects and electrical appliances.

Make the kitchen safe for kids.

Before getting into extra instruments to use in the kitchen, let us talk about basic practices you can do for children to avoid accidents knowingly (for fun) or unknowingly.

  • Practice Narrating to your child in the kitchen.
  • Don’t use tablecloths as they might grab and pull everything to them.
  • Always strap your child if they are on a high chair.
  • Keep the handle of pots, kittle, and other utensils towards the rear side of the kitchen platform and prefer back burners.

Now talking about special designed devices and instruments or accessories which help you protect your kids from any accident due to your furniture.

  • Kitchen Guards.

A kitchen guard is a plastic or fiber frame that keeps your kitchen stove out of reach for young children. This is installed at a 45-degree angle so a young one cannot reach the stove without support.

  • Knives Organiser

Use special wooden box-shaped accessories which keep knives in their storing space out of direct reach from your child. You can have some arrangements within your kitchen drawers or cabinets, but make sure toddlers cannot access the drawers easily.

  • Corner Guards.

There are some special accessories made of plastic and other material which make the sharp edges of the kitchen platform or kitchen cabinets into a covered non-sharper edge. You can also make filleted or round furniture corners when designing.

  • Cabinet Locks.

Cabinet locks are plastic strips that can be easily removed and fixed to the shutters of drawers which resist them from opening by the effort of toddlers. Though there are many other solutions to it, locking can also be done by putting a long piece of wood into all the handles of all the drawers (talking about the vertical arrangement of drawers which are one above the other), making it a more creative solution.

  • A Ladder Shaped Table.

Younger children who are about to become teenagers tend to help their parents or do dishes on their own. For such understanding kids, you can have a two-step high table which helps them in giving appropriate height to get the clear and proper view to work there.

Make your home safe for your kids.

Now let us talk about the rest of the house; precautionary measures you need to take to keep children safe are not so different from those of the kitchen. Furniture needs to be taken care of in the same way, the drawer stopper, narrating while working to keep children aware of things that can harm them, and Corner Guards for entire furniture around the house. Besides these, what needs to be taken care of are,

  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Keep guards before the fireplace
  • Use toddler’s room guards always in place (if they have a place upstairs and you want to keep them away from steps)
  • Put any sharper things like scissors or screwdrivers in cabinets or drawers.
  • Keep all the toys and kids stuff in lower cabinets and within direct reach of children.

Now, talking about the special items, you need to keep your children safe.

  • Fire alarm
  • Keep all electrical sockets covered by special instruments.
  • Cover the door corner space (the space between the shutter and hinges)
  • Foam door stopper.
  • Child room guard.
  • Baby monitor audio device.

So, there are many accessories and devices you can use to keep your child safe from any accident, which even an adult might mistakenly face.