MAJ3STY Will Release Shoe Hotter Than Jordan, Nike, Reebok And Adidas

With so much emphasis placed on the illusion of materialistic value, one can wonder if there is meaning to any of it. Independent Recording Artist and Singer-songwriter, MAJ3STY is giving fashion a better meaning with his own independent brand. Sitting down and asking him was a great experience. We asked him why he has decided to enter the world of fashion and music, his response is nothing less than humbling.

Maj3sty: “I have not always been the best dressed nor the most fashion forward. I haven’t been the person that I am now and being righteous and doing my best to walk this path wasn’t always my goal. My goal for myself use to be getting money, grinding, get the woman, get the car, and get the house. I had no real values or morals. I had no principles.

Once I began to overstand the purpose that The Father, Abba has for my life, my expectations of myself increased. I had to realize that I do like certain things but those things need to be aligned with the vision that is for me. I’m a firm believer that my life is not my own.

I started a clothing brand called TRI FIT USA, it’s an independent black-owned company that specializes in providing casual, stylish, comfortable, and urban fashion wear for people of all demographics. We’re very strict with what we do, because I’m strict with what I do.

I remember growing up wearing Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse but nothing would fit my feet quite the way that I needed it to. The shoes were hot nevertheless, but they didn’t represent me. I’ve gotten to a point where I only want to wear things that represent me. I’ve told the people around me to not buy me any clothes because that’s how focused and serious I am about what I’m doing.

The shoes that are being released toward the end of 2022 are the first in my line. They’re different from the average shoe. Of course people are buying the shoes, but all profit made goes to a nonprofit that is for the community. I’m not in this for the money, this is just one more way to give back and look good while doing it. I don’t want to become profitable from what people are walking in.

I don’t want people to buy into what I’m doing. I want people to join what I’m doing and understand the purpose of it. Even if they don’t understand the purpose of it, just respect it. The shoes are hot though, I’m not giving out the name just yet but I have no doubt that they can sit on a shelf near some Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. I have no doubt that they’ll be just as appealing. These kicks are hot.”

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