Magicycle Cruiser vs Himiway Cruiser

Since the releasing of Magicycle Cruiser electric bike, we’ve received many great reviewsand a lot of commentators in the field of ebike are raving about how it’s going to quickly ride upward to be the best in its class! We’re really grateful for the appreciation we’ve received on our high-tech and advanced products, but upon watching these reviews, we realized many reviewers and testers were  comparing our ebikes to other ones which we knew about, but hadn’t delved into in great detail. That ebike is the Himiway Cruiser and, seeing as we produced a comparison piece for what we saw as the Magicycle’s biggest competitor, we only find it suitable to do the same for the ebike that many knowledgeable and independent voices in the field of ebike see as their most direct competitor. 

We are going to divide the comparison of both two ebikes into 3 sections.The first is going to be a “Stats” or summary section, comparing these two ebikes side-by-side based on their stated performance; what you may find presented to you in a store when you’re the customer trying to make their choice. The following  sections will cover all the aspects of each ebike in more detail. Firstly, we’ll look at the “Winning Specs”.


Magicycle CruiserHimiway Cruiser
Charger54.6V 3A48V 2A
DisplayColor LCDBacklit LCD
Top SpeedAdjustable to 28 mph28 mph
USB Phone ChargerYesYes

How do these two electric bikes compare when you look them straight up and down? Viewing their stats side-by-side

Magicycle CruiserHimiway Cruiser
Battery780wh17.5Ah 840Wh
Pedal Assist5 Levels5 Levels
Top Speed28 mph28 mph
Range55miles(PDS)35-60 miles per charge
LightsIntegrated front and rear lights (with brake light function)Integrated front and rear lights
DisplayFull Color USB phone chargerBacklit LCD USB phone charger

When looking up When looking up and down at their basic stats, what will stand out to most people is the difference in battery capacity, the difference in range, and the Magicycle’s beautiful color screen. 

The next lens through which we’re going to look at these ebikes is that of the electrical components; Not only are we going to compare the electrical components but we’re also going to see what these choices, made by the manufactures, actually amount to in the final product.

Magicycle CruiserHimiway CruiserComment
Charger52V fast charging48V 2 AmpThe ability to fast charge means more juice from a shorter period of charging meaning that you can spend more time on the trail rather than watching your watch whilst your ebike charges.
Pedal Assist5 Levels of PA5 Levels of PA5 levels of pedal assist is now somewhat of an unofficial industry standard, however what differs is how each ebike is programmed. We just reprogramed our PA levels in response to customer feedback, offering a much smoother ride and transition between the levels of PA than any of our competitors.
LCD ScreenColored DisplayBacklit LCDThe modern, colored display and offers much more advanced technology than any other ebike in its class
LightsIntegrated front and rear lights (with brake light function)Integrated front and rear lightsThe Magicycle Cruiser has a brake light function for the rear light, and Himiway does not.

Detail is significant when we get down to this level and the smaller things, such as 50% faster charging, and lights with braking brake-light functionality begin to show signs of an ebike whose design has been scrutinized to ensure that it is the best possible machine, which does everything a real user wants it to do.

After comparing these two electric bikes side by side, there are many similarities between these two products which make them quite inseparable. But you must delve into them and see what things are like when it comes to various aspects of these ebikes. Looking past the basic stats and delving down deeper tells you more about these ebikes, the processes they went through in terms of design and manufacture, and, in reality, this is where true value is calculated.

Humbly speaking, it is clear that the Magicycle has outperformed one of its rivals because of the attention paid to every small detail. Sure, the Himiway’s may have a larger battery, but ours charges quicker.

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