Mack Money Is Ready To Make His Mark On Music, Drops Single “NAH NAH”

Claiming that his growth and development is key to becoming the artist he wants to be, Mack Money surrounds himself by his inspirations and continues to work towards being an even better artist.

With a release already in the books this month, Milwaukee artist Mack Money has all of his fans waiting impatiently to see what’s to come next for him. Coming from the divided city of Milwaukee, Mack Money often speaks about the hardships of the city and how divided it truly is. Mack Money’s writing talent and lyricism is unmatched and portrays the feeling of the city perfectly. Mack Money stands tall and makes music for those around him that have also felt the downfalls of this city’s system. His style and unique approach to rap and music production truly sets him apart from those that follow him.

We’re currently streaming his latest single release titled, “NAH NAH” until we are blessed with more tracks from this amazing artist. If you haven’t listened to “NAH NAH”, it’s the perfect track to get to know Mack Money as well as the perfect track to kick off this coming summer with. As we look forward to new music from Mack Money, we are certain he will deliver and continue to shock us all.

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