Macck Encourages Others To Never Give Up With His Music

Based out of Maryland, hip hop artist Macck has seen the bottom but has never let that define who he is. The artist grew up in a household that fostered necessary survival instincts that have helped the artist succeed to this day. Born into poverty, Macck’s family had to get water to drink, cook, and even perform personal hygiene. While he didn’t start off with much, Macck was determined to make something out of himself. 

Macck has gone on to make something extraordinary out of his talent for music. The artist began by recording himself with his own homemade studio when he was just 12 years old. Over time he started working with his uncle who also had a home set up, however the equipment was a little better. Together the duo began building a unique sound. 

Fast forward years later and Macck has had more than a successful career thus far as an independent hip hop artist. The creative has been able to reach thousands of listeners across the world, but his greatest achievement so far has been charting in the Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes Charts. 

Macck is now more focused than ever and just dropped a brand new album titled ‘#WaysonCornerBabys2’.

You can listen to Macck here: 

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