LuckyDesigns is the next Graphic Designer Star

LuckyDesigns is a 15 year old young graphic designer and video editor is turning into a sensation, thanks to his great artistic capabilities.

Who is LuckyDesigns? Lucky Lion Nunthatee is a Laotian/Thai American graphic designer and video editor from Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California and moved to Fresno with his family at an early age.

Nunthatee gets inspired by a lot of influence artists like Takashi Murakami, Nigo, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Virgil Abloh has a tremendous contribution to his creativity during his early life. In a league of millions of artists, Nunthatee has developed into a unique talent. While age is just a number, he is way ahead of designers and artists in his industry. The young contemporary artists’ artwork is simple, unique, and resonating.

He has succeeded to make a strong fan base in social media within a year. Now he has a 100k following on Instagram and has collaborated with various artists, social media communities, and music industries. And has been featured in blogs like Disrupt Magazine, VoyageLA, Vents Magazine, Leonard Magazine and more

His extraordinary talent was recognized when he started drawing at the age of 9. Lucky’s parents always backed him to achieve what he always wanted. They believed in him, they bred, nurtured, and helped him flourish. Lucky has worked with well known big people like KSI, DDG, DTG and the list goes on more. He’s been working on his creativity vision in 2022 and planning to work on new hobbies then graphic designs.

Always looking for new ways to leverage Nunthatee wants to work with new upcoming YouTubers from the Europe scene more from the United Kingdom, Italy, Paris, Dutch & Germany.