Loua Lush shows us a multitude of colors through her new single “Baby Blue”

“Baby Blue” from Loua Lush has hit the internet. The song has been doing incredibly well. Fans have received the song with much delight. They have been enjoying the song since it came out a few weeks ago. So far, the response has been so overwhelmingly positive that many speculate the industry is about to experience a storm. 

Loua Lush aka Louise Barnard is an upcoming musician and a successful model. She has collaborated with many brands and magazines. The internet already knows of her reputation as a model. She has been successful in all of her projects so far. Now, she tries her hand at music.

“Baby Blue” hit everyone like a bolt from the blue. The song has been described as colorful and dynamic. It explores variety of musical elements and combines them in a beautiful harmony. What’s left is a wonderful experience, one that you’ll find hard to forget. 

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