Loswiththeplann A Young Entrepreneur Returns with Vengeance with The Relaunch of Foreign Survival Street Soldiers Clothing.

Carlos Hendricks, a.k.a Loswiththeplann is one of the upcoming names in the Clothing world leaving a large impact. Born in Brooklyn NY he is the owner and the CEO of Foreign Survival Street Soldiers clothing and continues to create some of the hottest Garments for people of all kind.

From the streets to such popular clothing line, how did it happen?
My street life grew a lot of popularly for me making me well knowing in my Neighborhood from a young age what eventually grew to being knowing all over Brooklyn than just got bigger as time went. Me and the people around my way we was always into fly dressing but never really had much growing up so couldn’t alway afford the clothing we wanted. What made me get into clothing was really because I was a sneaker head so any lil money I would get from family friends birthdays etc I would buy sneakers but never could afford a matching Outfit then I remember on day I was in the 7th grade I had some gray Jordan’s it had a little purple in it I went and gray t-shirt from target the same color and a purple sharpie marker I drew a few purple bubbles not to much tho an it was matching perfect, I went to school the next day everybody was loving it and it was mainly the color Coordination but the attention and compliments made me feel good an I say that day like one day ima make a clothing-line. My actual logo, name means didn’t come until the 11th grade tho.

We know, either success comes with luck or with hard work. How did you find your way through life?
Well me I never really had luck i was never the lucky person so I really had to work hard stay humble and just wait my turn I always had faith in my self and never doubted the brand so now it’s finally starting to come to life, so pretty much is all apart of the plan.

So Mr Loswiththeplann , tell us something about your work. What do you specialize in and your future plans?
So my work I’m pretty much a designer. And a Artist I’m really into art a shirt is like my canvas and I just feel I need to put the right designs in the right places. My future plans I want to continue clothing of course I want to work with larger brands creating logos and I want to work with upcoming brands create opportunities for other people.

What is your success mantra?
You know success to me is really what you make it, so really if u set a goal and you reach your goal in a timely matter that you desire that’s pretty much being successful. 

We know you’ve been dropping a lot of hot clothing What else do you have in the pipeline?
There’s so much I have planned as far as clothing and outside of clothing, as far as clothing ima keep dropping new collections and Vintage pieces where the value of the merchandise goes up every year, then eventually I want to get into sneakers I got a few fire sneaker ideas they not ready for but when the time is right. Over all I like to create as I go so you never know was coming. Outside of clothing I got even more plans we could go on forever but a few things i got going on, I’m writing my Bibliography

On my life story into detail from the struggle the destructions and the success, but is going to have a lot detail and interesting points that will draw a lot of attention. Then I plan on starting my record label once I have the spotlight where I can pull other people up, and also run the foreign survival brand as a label so  I’m able to sign young entrepreneurs such as my self with there own up and coming clothing brand and give them the shine they deserve, yea is so much I want to do that’s why it’s all apart of the plan.

Well, for the final question, how will you like your fans and others connecting with you?
Yea the best way to find me is Instagram @Loswiththeplann