Lorrie Ann Limjoco: Paving Her Own Path To Success

By: Aracely Gutierrez 

When it comes to starting fresh, Lorrie Ann Limjoco is no stranger to the challenge. The 30-year-old entrepreneur from La Habra, Orange County is currently making her dreams a reality all while being a proud mother to a six-year-old daughter. As a resilient mother, she is very experienced in how to stay proactive in the midst of chaos; as the eldest daughter of three, she knows first hand what it means to be a responsible leader. With that being said, there really isn’t anything that Lorrie can’t do. 

Previously, Lorrie worked for a medical office, where taking vacations was a challenge due to the approval process. However, after working as a healthcare administrator for about ten years, Lorrie began venturing into the world of health, wellness, and beauty. With her new career, she enjoys the freedom to work from home and travel as needed. She also relishes being able to spend quality time at home with her loving daughter and husband, who also works from home. The flexibility and financial rewards of her business make her feel empowered.

Currently, Lorrie’s business offers a range of innovative products consisting of black garlic extract, coffee and essential oils. Not only was Lorrie able to exceed her business goals but she also set new company records after only working for three months. She takes pride in promoting her products and expanding her network of distributors. Lorrie describes her daily routine as reaching out to potential partners and hosts, ensuring they are utilizing and benefiting from the products she promotes. 

As for the inspiration behind her business’s unique product range, including coffee, black garlic, and essential oils, Lorrie explained that her initial interest in the coffee stemmed from her desire to lose weight after her brother recommended it. Being someone who loves coffee, Lorrie decided to give it a try and fell in love with the taste and the ingredients. Shortly after, she discovered the benefits of black garlic, which she initially introduced to her husband to help with his cholesterol and hypertension. Seeing positive results in both her and her husband’s health, Lorrie became intrigued by the business opportunity presented alongside the products. She flew to Washington to meet with the company’s representatives, visit their office and storage facilities, and learn more about the compensation plan and business model.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, she shared her experience with others, and within a short period, approximately 20 people signed up to become distributors under her. Lorrie is proud to have a team of distributors spread across Hawaii, Texas, and even in her home state. Despite working from home, Lorrie continues to earn commissions through the MLM structure of the business. 

Her success in building a network of distributors and her personal testimony about the effectiveness of the products she promotes have attracted others to join her team. As she continues to innovate and expand her product line, Lorrie is excited to grow her business further and make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.