Looking for Restaurant Reservations in Kiev, RSRVIT APP is a first automated reservations app

Are you tired of waiting for a table at a popular restaurant in Kiev? That’s not exactly how you would want your Weekend to look like.

RSRVIT is the only app that you ever need to eat out, RSRVIT APP focuses on a lot of streams such as your restaurant reservations for lunch or dinner. We are part of your daily life so your morning tea or coffee.

RSRVIT provides for the most enjoyable and friction-free table booking experience. With an instant confirmation of fewer than 18 seconds, users can book over 1000 restaurants in Kiev, Ukraine, With every meal that users book through RSRVIT APP, there also comes a deal ranging from free desserts, alcoholic drinks to discount up to 50 percent off on the total bill. With no membership fees or reservations charge, these deals are not for just one person but are applicable on the entire table. These deals also come with minimal to no terms or conditions applied.

We are the marketing arm of our partner restaurants and chains. Restaurants invest a lot in building and making their product, creating the menu and getting the chef, but a lot of restaurants do not work on getting the customers to their restaurant in a sustained manner, and that is why restaurants typically get fatigued after 2 to 3 years of operations.

For now, interested persons can download the RSRVIT app from the Apple App store or Google Play, also follow in Instagram @RSRVIT , visit WWW.RSRVIT.COM