LJak: His Music and His Writing

A man of many talents, Linwood Jackson Jr. indeed has a knack for finding excellent ways to share and express his ideas. He is well known for writing inspiring books that explain concepts within the Bible. However, being involved in the music industry, he is currently working on a music album entitled “Self-Esteem”. 

He goes by the name “LJak” in the music industry, and he is available on various social media platforms. The music he writes and composes is also available on online platforms such as Amazon, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, and others. A good example would be the song “Bullets,” which, being his latest single, is available on all of these platforms.

The strong presence he has online also extends to his website, which has information, various products, and content for his audience. His attention to detail is special, as each lesson he shares in his music comes from immense research and experience in both life and in the Bible. 

As an inspired writer and artist, LJak always has something “cooking in the pipeline.” Calling his style of rap “flowing poetry,” he is currently working on releasing his album late August 2021. The album is filled with inspirational songs, and songs especially dealing with his trials as a rising author. 

LJak has immense experience in curating written content, and he uses this prowess to produce music, which, according to him, would not be as perfect as it is without two key people: the first being PesicBeats™ and the second being ediproductions. His skill and talent as a writer gives him a significant competitive edge over other music composers and artists. The content and lifestyle he portrays in his music is also unique and original, as it shows how he uses scripture to not only improve the quality of his life, but also the mind of his listeners.

The unique approach LJak uses in creating music is excellent as it connects with different types of people. It resonates with people that have challenges in their life journey, in finding emotional stability, and in even finding “purpose”. LJak strongly believes that he is a living epistle of the Bible’s education for the human and devotional mind and, through his content, he cares to impress upon every one their responsibility to their own self’s culture. 

As for his career in writing, Linwood recently released “Justification.” The book goes in-depth into just what the expected or intended devotional experiences is. He mentions that knowledge and faith are crucial to life and to the quality of life. He helps to bring his audience even closer to this narrative through his music and poetry.