lil orchid’s New Release “Quit Playing” Is An Absolute Banger!


I wanted to make something that’s turn up with bit of melancholy vibe, basically headbang while crying 🙂 It was written during a time when everything goes wrong, someone important walked out on me and was never heard of again. So this song “Quit Playing” is really dedicated to that feeling of lost, being dead inside but still looking cool to everybody else.

lil orchid aka Daniel Yao, born in Wuhan, China found his passion for music while pursuing his bachelor degree in Sydney. Started out making dance music he gradually discovered the whole trap genre and his unique talent in singing/songwriting. After graduating he started to collab with fellow artist GWYN. Quit Playing is his first solo project, filled with his signature dark melancholy vibe and captures his audiences with a groovy energetic production.

Connect with lil orchid on Instagram @lil_orchid_dan

Prajakta Amrutsagar

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