Leave the Corporate Life Behind and Start Your Own Cottage Business

It’s been a rough couple of years to be a corporate employee in the current economy. First, we had the global pandemic roll in. In the flash of a moment, entire lines of business simply stopped and work hours and jobs disappeared. There was no warning, no time to prepare an alternate plan. Those fortunate enough to still have jobs started to enjoy the benefits that working from home brings. Then things finally began to open up, and employment levels grew again.

Everyone thought we were out of the woods and back on track again, until inflation started soaring. The government began raising interest rates and suddenly there were massive tech layoffs and talk of a looming recession. All of this uncertainty has led many people to a similar conclusion, namely that they can’t count on the corporate world to provide for their daily existence. Rightfully, there’s been an increase interest and understanding that having your own business is one of the few paths you can truly count on.

The Benefits of Starting a Cottage Business

One of the hardest things about starting a new business is coming up with the initial funding and capital that’s required to launch your business venture. Traditional entrepreneurial businesses often require that you to rent expensive office or manufacturing space, hire staff and put key company infrastructure in place.

With a cottage business, you can simply start out of your home. Many states have cottage industry laws that allow you  to produce artisan food items in your home kitchen. You’ll be able to create delicious offerings that you can sell in your neighborhood and your community. Basically, the rules are pretty flexible if you are creating a food product that does not contain ingredients that could spoil. Artisan bread is an example of an item that would be perfect.

Starting to Build Your Cottage Venture

Since cottage businesses start small, you’ll find that they don’t drain your financial resources. In fact, you can keep your corporate job going while you create your cottage venture and get it launched into the world. If you are doing something like baking artisan bread, you can even start out by simply using the appliances in your kitchen.

To ramp up your production, though, and get enough product to satisfy your customers, you’ll eventually want to look at commercial ovens and choose the right one for you. There are deck ovens that are ideal for baking artisan bread.

Leverage Social Media to Create Market Demand

Social media has made cottage industries possible. Sure, you could have set one up in the past but getting the word out would have been difficult. Now, you can leverage the power of social media to create a viral buzz and rapidly build interest in your delicious offerings.

With the right social media strategies, you’ll be able to target the neighborhoods near you and have your happy customers raving about your great products. Friends tell friends, and before you know it you might find people lined up to buy everything that you can produce.