Latest Interview With ZizoTravel, The Travelling Influencer

Hi ZizoTravel, How are you? Have you always been fond of travelling?
Hey, I’m doing well.
Yes always 

How many countries have you travelled till now?
75 – I’m looking to travel the whole world 

Where are you going to visit next?
Still not sure ! This is the first time ever I got super busy and didn’t travel. I’m taking a break from travelling because I did my real estate license and I’m focusing more on the training right now. Very soon i will travel again but not sure where yet. 

Which is the best place you have ever visited and why?
I can’t say one place, each place has its own magic, usually I love and prefer the island life and the places that offers a nightlife. 

What is the most luxurious and cheapest place to visit?
I never visited a luxury place were cheap lol 

What advice would you give to young travel influencers who are looking forward to going for the same passion?
They should start creating content and capture all the memories so they can have a strong profile and then they can start doing collaborations. 

What is the greatest thing about travelling?
Meeting new people and the new surprises always.

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