Laser Glow Spa, The Next Generation Of Teeth Whitening

Providers of innovative teeth whitening solution, Laser Glow Spa, continue to receive accolades from different quarters for their range of products.

Laser Glow Spa has undoubtedly grown in popularity and acceptance over the years, garnering over 11k reviews from users across the globe. Described as “the best LED teeth whitening kit,” the product is made using advanced cutting edge technology to help users achieve a bright smile and boost their confidence in as little as 25 minutes. “Best teeth whitening kit for sensitive teeth.” – Mario Rodriguez.

LaserGlow offers a wide range of products including in-office treatments. They are based in New Jersey and Miami Florida. Their services start from $199 and go up to $300 for in office treatments that promises whiter teeth under an hour. Thats right, under an hour! A team of experienced and US licensed Dental Hygienists perform the in house treatments. Using their unique blend of whitening gel along with a laser LED light that accelerates the process.

Just like any other teeth whitening in the world, the results aren’t permanent. LaserGlow promises results to last up to 4 months, depending on your diet. Coffee, tea, red wine and smokers will need frequent touchups to maintain their shade! Sensitivity? not a concern! They apply a gingival barrier to protect the gums and help make the process as relaxing as possible.

They also offer a Fluoride Varnish treatment after the whitening to help with sensitivity, if you do experience any.

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