Lala O.Roch Self-help blueprint Light Up Your Worth provides life-changing insights into personal development

Author Lala O. Roch delivers a sensational guide to personal development through her empowering book, Light Up Your Worth. Borrowing from her own challenges and triumphs, she combines the experience and knowledge she’s acquired with actionable steps and exercises to help readers unlock their highest potential.

The book chronicles the author’s journey from a life of luxury to adversity, and her subsequent resurgence through determination and faith. Designed to help just about anyone struggling to reignite their inner flame, Light Up Your Worth engages readers with motivational quotes, actionable life interventions, and incredible wisdom to propel them into the life they’ve always desired.

Readers can expect to be taken on an introspective journey as they gain valuable insight from the author’s experiences. More than just a typical self-help book, the Light Up Your Worth package also includes a workbook of unique personal-development exercises, as well as 33 life affirmation cards, carefully crafted to help supplement the introspective journey Throughout the book, Roch draws on her own experiences to enhance the impact of the knowledge and principles delivered, enlightening readers with a combination of life-changing old-world secrets and modern-day scientific principles.

Carefully created to empower the powerless and uplift the broken, Light Up Your Worth stands out among its contemporaries based on its unique and practical presentation. Poised for launch on June, 1st 2023 the book will be available for purchase in both electronic and paperback formats from major merchants such as GoodReads, Amazon, Google Books.

The book has already been translated into French and published, garnering positive reviews from influential members of the social media community.

After enduring an accident that left her immobile for several months, Lala O. Roch was forced to rebuild her life from scratch and adopt a new perspective. Through gradual self-discovery, she uncovered the secrets that allowed her to rise from the ashes and become the person she had always aspired to be, unlocking her full potential for the very first time. In her book, “Light Up Your Worth,” Lala shares an intimate account of her journey towards resilience, illustrating how any challenge can be transformed into a triumph of unimaginable proportions.

About The Author

Lala O. Roch is a multitalented Physics Engineer with an undying passion for philosophy and literature. Roch’s insatiable curiosity has brought her across the globe,nurturing the polymath she is today, and fueling her determination to help others reignite their inner light.

You can connect with Lala O. Roch on website and Instagram @lalaoroch