Lado Okhotnikov: Bitcoin Is a New Gold Standard or What Its Danger Is About

Some argue that bitcoin will never reach the same value as gold. There are those who even accuse it of fraud and say that it is not able to replace traditional financial relationships. And although opinions about bitcoin vary, I agree that such claims seem absurd and ill-grounded. 


As a decentralized asset, bitcoin does provide some benefits. Lado Okhotnikov believes that independence from government regulators and central banks, autonomous operation, and a high degree of security make it unique. However, the lack of responsibility and the inability to make claims against anyone creates difficulties, especially for larger investors and institutional players.

The mythical Satoshi Nakamoto is convenient from any point of view: on the one hand, he is supposedly a fictitious character, and in which case any responsibility can be shifted to him. On the other hand, a mysterious super programmer who made a technology that has been running smoothly, independently and without a single error for almost 15 years.

Well, show me at least one similar project that could exist offline for such a long time. 

Difficulties of regulation

While Gary Gensler “subtly” hints that all cryptocurrency is a security, bitcoin is resting on its laurels. Why is there such trust from the SEC?

According to the head of the Securities Commission, the value of cryptocurrency for the economy is beyond doubt. As a  technology, blockchain opens up an accessible, transparent and secure basis for making payments. However, cryptocurrency is not suitable as a saving means because it is a high-risk instrument.

Gensler made it clear what the risks are, “Due to the lack of regulation, manipulations in the cryptocurrency space are becoming a common thing. Investors and retail traders often suffer from high exchange rate volatility, so there is no guarantee that savings will be safe.”

“If clearer and more precise regulatory rules can be applied to bitcoin as well as liability mechanisms, this will help raise confidence on the part of investors and corporate participants. The introduction of such structures will make it possible to better take into account the interests of all parties and reduce the risks of unforeseen situations,”

Vladimir Okhotnikov aka Lado suggested that regulation would help reduce the instrument’s volatility. 

Lado Okhotnikov: is a gold standard needed for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the gold standard. Its tokenomics is crisp and clear. The coins’ emission is limited and not only a shortage is provoked by the mining fees reduction. The harder it is to mine tokens, the more valuable they become. 

moving away from the gold standard

The great heist: moving away from the gold standard. The end of the Bretton Woods agreement

Bitcoin gained value and took a strong place in the world of digital finance thanks to the crisis in 2008. The decentralized nature, the extremely limited supply of 21 million coins and security made it a unique asset that attracts investors’ interest and attention. However, this is where everything stops.

“A sufficient number of institutional players have already expressed “concern” about total control and that something needs to be done about it but so far there are no noticeable results,”

Lado Okhotnikov complains that for the institutionalists so far bitcoin is nothing more than a manipulation tool.

Only small traders and ordinary “hamsters” flying in on the high prefer to keep their assets, rather than sell them in the early stages of its development.

This behavior can be attributed to several factors.

The bitcoin supply cap creates a sense of shortage which will support demand and therefore drive up the price of the asset.

At the same time, the high level of transactions’ security and reliability gives hope that the funds are protected. At the very least, it is better than keeping money in a bank account, which can be frozen at any time and you will be asked to wait.

The American Silicon Valley Bank was a perfect example when it suddenly went bankrupt and $175 billion of deposits were stuck.

Because of it, bitcoin should be considered not only as a saving instrument. This is a good asset for making a profit in the future. 

Any guarantee? No guarantees

Large investors need a guarantee. A guarantee that bringing charges will be possible in case of contingency. After all, in the civilized world everything is decided through litigation but in the case of bitcoin everything is not so simple. Who is the defendant? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto, about whom almost nothing is known?

“We see huge interest from institutional investors. They are like peacocks that flaunt their tails in front of females, showing their interest. So they are trying to attract attention, demonstrating their strength and determination but they are not moving further,”

Lado Okhotnikov commented on the situation related to the speculations about the cryptocurrency market capitalization.

Anyone who thinks that it is hard to pump bitcoin with money is wrong. But here’s the real issue: who is this group that will inject the capital? 

BTC capitalization in comparison

BTC capitalization in comparison. You won’t know the difference until you see it

While you wait for BlackRock to press the Wow button, they continue to buy BTC through governments and miners using OTC transactions. This approach does not directly affect the price of BTC, that is why you don’t see results.

It’s time to invest in fundamental projects

While everyone is wondering where BTC will go when spot bitcoin is approved, China aims at developing the Metaverse. By 2025, about $350 billion will be spent in a promising direction.

With this money you can buy so many Xbox Series X consoles that they would pave the road from the south pole to the north or sponsor the spending of all players in Genshin Impact for 30 years ahead. As a last resort, 7 flights to the Moon could be booked as part of the Artemis mission.

Siemens is also not far behind and shows progress in the industrial direction. The company recently signed an agreement with NVIDIA to create augmented virtual reality to cut costs and speed up new product launches.

“As you can see, progress does not stand still. We can’t stand aside and envision Meta Force reaching out to a wide audience. Our Metaverse forms many communities, open and closed platforms, where everyone will continue to develop independently,”

Vladimir Okhotnikov about plans for the near future.

“We consider it extremely important that providers have common ground in the development strategy of the common Metaverse. This ensures that we do not close ourselves in our own world. Yes, at first it will be separate pools but after that there will definitely be a collaboration,”

Meta Force CEO sees the future behind virtual reality technology.

Therefore, if you still think that it’s too early for all these Meta-things we hasten to upset you. The digital revolution has already kicked the door open, it’s time to act. In order to get started, check out the announcement of the upcoming event from the Meta Force team. This will revolutionize your idea of the new digital world.