Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE

Labour and Employment Lawyers in United Arab Emirates, always play a big role due to its importance and need. There are several things where the assistance from a Labour and Employment Lawyer/Advocate is needed. For example drafting Labour and Employment contracts, checking the contracts, review the labour contracts, managing the offer letters, serving legal notices, managing court cases, legal counselling and much more. We all are aware that more than 80% of the people living here are from other countries and most of them are doing jobs. It means that all of them need Labour and Employment Contracts and for the employers’ perspective, there is also a big need of managing the contracts. Therefore, the Employment Lawyers have been always a big talk in United Arab Emirates. For example Employment Lawyers in Dubai, are the popular searches in UAE. This is not just for the disputes or in the disputes only, they are also hired for HR establishment as well as internal Labour Department establishment.  

Discussion:Charges For Recruiting and Leaving without Work

Businesses and Organizations may face heavy fines or charges if they choose to recruit an employee and leave them at once without any work. This is not permitted under UAE laws. There are up to AED 200,000 fines imposed upon employers who do this.

There are lots of people who work for more than 1 company. They might ask their company for the renewal of their visa but they ignore it and ask to get it from the second entity. Under this, the worker is stuck in chaos.He might be thinking of the legal procedure for the issuance of a visa. The employee may need to connect to a lawyer to get legal assistance in this respect.

The workers may be unclear about the labor laws and thus, it is advisable to opt for a labor and employment lawyer in UAE to explore what the law has to say about it. Besides, labor lawyers are highly useful when an employee faces a predicament concerning their work.Here a competent and knowledgeable labor attorney will be handy. He has an understanding of the UAE labor laws in detail. He can suggest a possible escape from the situation.

In this, the lawyer will suggest the employee register a case against the organization you signed a contract with via the labor department. This is because the contract is the major indicator of the employment relationship between the employer and the worker. Although, it is strictly forbidden under the law to work from 1 company or business while putting the residence on the other business you work with. 

Article 60 of UAE laws states the punishments for the offenders. If anyone commits it he can be charged. He can be charged up to AED 50,000 which can go up to AED 200,000. In this, a labor and employment lawyer in UAE can assist you with the right course of action. They have the potential to opt for a suitable line of action as per the UAE labor laws.Compliance is significant and thus, without disturbing the employee and employer relationship, a step is taken. This is important to protect your rights. It is also a way to avoid the possible exploitation of one’s services.

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Ripu Daman Gulati

Dr. Ripu Daman Gulati is an Entrepreneur with over 50 years of experience working with Indian Railways. He holds Doctorate in Management Studies and Master's in Law. He loves to write about policymaking, legalization issues, and social justice.

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