Lab-Grown vs. Mined: Comparing 2-Carat Lab-Created Diamonds to Natural

The ongoing trend towards lab-grown diamonds has many buyers and investors considering the potential of 2-carat lab-created stones. They are the more sustainable and ethical choice, but are they going to look like a cheap knock-off compared to mined stones? The cost of these lab 2 carat diamond rings is a great incentive to start with, but why else should buyers consider them?

There Are Sizeable Price Differences Between Mined And Lab Created Stones

One of the main reasons that people turn to lab-grown 2ct diamonds over mined stones is the cost. The less people have to pay upfront, the better the investment. 2-carat diamonds have the potential to be great investments because of their mid-range size and extravagance over 1-carat stones. A 1 carat lab grown diamond cost will typically be lower because of the size, but the cost of 2 carat diamonds can still be affordable. It all depends on other qualities like the cut, color, and clarity of each stone.

2-carat mined stones are always going to be more expensive than their lab-grown alternatives. This is down to issues of supply and demand. The rarity and story created around mined stones add value, especially when high-end mines push their products. Lab diamonds are less romantic and more sustainable, allowing for a faster turnover and lower prices.

In fact, comparatively similar 2-carat lab and mined stones could vary in price by around 60%. This is massive for couples on a budget trying to find something impactful.

Can Buyers Tell The Difference With Cheaper 2-Carat Lab Stones?

A common concern when looking at these affordable lab-grown diamonds is that they won’t have the same quality. The fear is that wearers will put them against mined diamonds and see a massive difference. This isn’t an issue at all because they can look identical when they have the same grading.

Lab-grown diamonds develop via conditions that mimic those underground. The stones grown from carbon seeds are real natural diamonds despite their artificial surroundings. Therefore, there are structurally identical at their core. The differences come down to factors like clarity and color, but even then, the grading scale is the same. Therefore, it should be impossible to pick out a 2ct VVS1 near-colorless lab diamond against a VVS1 near-colorless mined diamond.

Differences In Clarity And Color Between Mined And Lab Diamonds

One way that expert gemologists can determine the difference is through the clarity of the stones. It isn’t uncommon for mined diamonds to exhibit small inclusions made up of nitrogen deposits. Lab diamonds don’t carry these because of the metal chambers. They can still become included, but not in the same way. This microscopic detail isn’t anything buyers will see on an eye-clean stone.

As for the color, lab-grown diamonds do come in a wide range of colors with more vibrant tones. In mined stones, the natural color is faint due to mineral deposits and is most often seen as a yellow tinge in S-Z faint-colored stones. There are also some desirable rarities with a natural pink tinge. With lab stones, deliberate chemical treatment allows for deeper dues that vary from cool blues to fiery oranges and reds. These fancy-colored stones are a fun choice for self-expression and for leaning into these “synthetic” stones.

Finally, buyers may also be able to tell by placing their diamonds under UV light. This picks up particles in the stone that fluoresce with an otherworldly tone. Strong fluorescence comes from direct treatment in labs.

Finding Affordable 2 Carat Lab Diamonds At Rare Carat

The cost of 2 carat diamonds is so variable that it makes sense to shop around for the best deals. Switching to lab-grown diamonds is a great start when lowering the price, but buyers can take this further by going with a wholesaler-based marketplace. This approach lets Rare Carat bring countless options to consumers on a user-friendly platform. Buyers can pick the 2-carat option and then adjust preferences by color, cut, clarity, and more.

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