Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds: Can You Spot the Difference?

One of the frequently asked questions regarding naturally occurring and lab diamonds is whether someone can tell the difference between them. To begin with, the differences between them can’t be seen with the naked eye. Only gemologists can find the differences using sophisticated tools.

Still, many people carry the false notion that lab diamonds are fake. In reality, there is little to no difference between a natural and lab-created diamond. In short, lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in terms of visual appearance, physical properties, and chemical markup. Let’s learn more about them in the diamond buying guide.

The Difference between Natural and Lab-grown Diamonds in Terms of Origin

Keep in mind that lab diamonds aren’t related to certain stones like cubic zirconia. While these are fake diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are real. That’s because they are similar to natural diamonds in terms of physical and chemical properties. Another popular term for lab diamonds is synthetic diamonds.

Although it sounds like fake diamonds, it is far from true. Buyers looking for loose diamonds but aren’t sure whether or not they are real may test the stones using a diamond tester. However, synthetic diamonds will pass the test because lab diamonds are real diamonds.

Cutting-edge technology helps create diamonds that replicate the growing process of natural diamonds. As a result, lab diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and appearance as natural diamonds. Hopefully, the diamond buying guide has brought out the difference between them.

Are There Visible Differences between Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

There is no way that a person can tell the difference between a naturally occurring and a lab-created diamond simply by looking at them. Still, lab diamonds may have minute differences such as weak strain patterns or metallic inclusions. After polishing and cutting the diamonds the right way, the differences are hard to notice.

Even these diamond buying guide advocates purchasing lab-grown diamonds when it comes to wedding rings or even engagement rings. Lab diamonds benefit both the buyer and the environment. Besides, the lab-grown diamond will have the same sparkle and shine that mined diamonds come with.

Lab-grown diamonds are the best alternative to the natural diamond market. Moreover, few people know about the option. But it can be beneficial to people who take advantage of it. Choosing a lab diamond over a natural diamond makes sense.

What’s the future of lab diamonds?

As said, the main difference between a lab-created diamond and a natural diamond is how and where they form. The way lab diamonds and natural diamonds grow will leave certain clues within the stones. However, the patterns aren’t visible to the naked eye and are only accessible using advanced gemological testing.

No denying, scientists are developing techniques to help them grow lab diamonds easily. Also, these stones will be readily available and affordable for people in the future. Natural diamonds are becoming rarer and very few of them are left. As such, the mined diamonds will be expensive in comparison to lab-created diamonds.

Both natural and lab diamonds give off sparkles. Recognizing the brilliance of a diamond indicates that the stone is real, unlike the fake ones. Only an expert can tell the difference between a real and a fake diamond. But they can tell the difference between a real and a lab-created diamond using sophisticated equipment.

What’s next?

There is no way anyone can spot the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds simply by looking at them. Lab diamonds are similar to mined diamonds in every aspect. Now that the differences are sorted out, which one is right for the buyers is important.

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