Lab-Grown Diamonds See a Notable Growth in Popularity With Today’s Brides

Recent years have seen a steady rise in the popularity of lab-grown diamonds within the bridal market. They are a preferred choice for many couples who are planning their wedding and are seen as a luxurious and affordable option that offers plenty of key benefits. Rare Carat has built a reputation as America’s number-one source for advice on the purchase of diamond engagement rings. Their team of experts compares in excess of a million diamonds, both natural and lab-grown, each year at retailers across the country that have trusted reputations. The goal is to save customers money on the purchase of the right diamond and setting. They always carefully focus on the 4 Cs of purchasing diamonds and meticulously check each gem for color, clarity, weight, and cut. This outstanding Rare Carat service includes free gemologist checks. These checks are for GIA-certified diamonds.

Shop at Rare Carat and Enjoy These Benefits

When customers visit Rare Carat, they enjoy a variety of benefits that come along with shopping with trusted diamond experts who have consistently garnered outstanding reviews from past customers. The company enjoys a 4.9 out of 5 for reviews on Google Business Profile and Trustpilot. Additional benefits that diamond shoppers can expect include competitive pricing and an exceptional level of customer service. These factors perfectly complement the company’s ability to match shoppers with high-quality diamonds that meet their discerning standards. Customers consistently praise the team for its efforts in cultivating an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity while offering their extensive expertise within the online diamond industry.

Find the Best Deals at

Rare Carat offers customers the option to find the best deals on lab-grown diamonds that convey the type of luxury they are going for with an engagement ring. The website is easy to browse with options to start with a diamond or a setting. There is a variety of lab-created diamond varieties to choose from such as round, oval, princess, pear, and heart options. Shoppers also appreciate the many ring styles they can conveniently browse such as solitaire, halo, three-stone, and yellow gold.

The process is simple and starts off with a comparison of prices from 150-plus trusted wholesalers. From there, human experts and AI technology assist shoppers in finding the best deals for a diamond that meets their purchase goal. Customers also get the peace of mind of knowing that they are protected throughout the purchase process with an inspection of all diamonds for a guarantee of authenticity. Free insured shipping, a 30-day return policy, one free ring resizing, and the offer of a lifetime warranty add to the appeal of shopping online for the best deals on lab-grown diamonds.

Exciting Trends to Look Out for Within Today’s Lab-Grown Diamond Bridal Market

As previously noted, lab-grown diamonds are currently enjoying a surge in popularity within the bridal market. There are several reasons why this exciting trend is expected to continue. The trend is exemplified in the millennial shopping demographic though lab-grown diamonds have seen an increase in popularity in general. Millennial and younger shoppers are increasingly socially conscious. When this is combined with the fact that they are often budget conscious as well, it is easy to see why lab-grown diamonds have begun to occupy a larger percentage of the market share in recent years.

Advantages of Choosing a Lab-Grown Diamond When Shopping for the Perfect Ring

There are some compelling advantages that bridal market shoppers enjoy when they select lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings. These include:

  • Lab-grown diamonds offer the opportunity to purchase a stunning gem at a reduced price. This can range from 20%-50%.
  • The naked eye cannot detect the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown option.
  • Diamond customers can get a larger stone within their budget with a lab-grown option.
  • Many diamond shoppers prefer knowing that their gem came from a lab-grown source.

Visit Rare Carat – Find the Perfect Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

For the best deals on the highest quality lab-grown diamonds and diamond engagement rings, visit Conveniently search for the perfect gem for the big day. To find out more, call (855) 720-4858 or send an email to There is also an online chat option that is available for additional convenience. It is as simple as going online to find the perfect gem for an unforgettable wedding.