L.C. Holt Spills The Beans About the New Horror Film ‘Party Bus.’

‘Party Bus’ introduced one of the most sadistic madman characters ‘Sean,’ who brings every of his target on his knees, an axis of evil with sinister machinations that caught the audience off guard, sending a layer of fear penetrating deep into the souls of the audience, the chills down the spines like never before. The character was immensely praised, and the actor L.C. Holt garnered the love of many.

‘I don’t know if I’ve ever played a villain so articulate. Sean is a thinking man’s slasher. The kind of guy who will tell you exactly why he’s going to rip you to pieces,’ L.C.holt shared about why he instantly loved the character he was playing. This was L.C. Holt’s first experience playing the role of a cunning, sharp-witted, razor-sharp ingenious who leaves everyone he meets in awe of his personality through the charisma which can’t go unnoticed by people in his proximity. ‘I think the character’s unpredictability is my favorite part of playing it, leaving everyone in skepticism, completely clueless of what happens the next minute; the highlight of the character is his complexities.’

An aspiring writer and director, L.C. Holt found himself in the world of acting through an unintentional casual audition he did for Adam Wingard’s film ‘Home Sick’ and landed a role in it. With all the theater experience, L.C. Holt enjoyed playing someone far away from the real him. The reel world, where he got to be many characters, stepping out of his comfort zone to fully embrace the essence of the roles he played, made him fall in love with acting. He calls his journey a self-learning experience. Speaking of how he was introduced to `Party Bus,’ he shared that it was the director, Carlos Berber, who had reached out to him, ‘I fell very much in love with the prospect of tackling such an unusual and highly dynamic project. Not an unexciting scene insight. Quite a challenge in every regard. Amazingly, with so much action and horror abounding, the shoot was pleasurable and very easy-going, which always makes for the best results; L.C. Holt expressed his views on the film’s success.

Sean has been one of the actor’s favorite roles; he sees opportunity in every project, the scale of exposure and learning. He finds his source of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to build dedication in everything that meets the naked eye. From critically acclaimed documentaries to the routine interaction at a food stall, L.C. Holt’s determination to breathe in the character he plays allows him to go through any stretch of the imagination.

L.C. Holt announced a number of projects for his fans, the likes of which include ‘Butchers Bluff’ with Billy Instone,’ ‘Go Away With Dave Kerr,’ and ‘Macabre Mountain with Tony Walters’, among others in the line-up. He is also the writer and director of ‘Watchdog,’ which is in the post-production phase and will soon be ready for release. For readers who haven’t seen the film ‘Party Bus’ yet, he said, ‘Is the world ready for Sean in PARTY BUS? Buckle your seatbelts!.’

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