KyloRay Creates the Perfect Summer Tune with New Single “Good Morning Love”

Rising artist Sammy Ray, professionally known as KyloRay, has released another single titled “Good Morning Love” just in time for the summer. Previous projects include “Changes” and “Astrokick,” and in “Good Morning Love,” he continues to shine and doesn’t stray from the good-feeling sound that early fans will be familiar with. The song is in collaboration with the same producer, Taha Beats, who also worked on the single “Material Girls,” another recent release by KyloRay.

With a modern and easily accessible sound one may associate with not only alternative rock but also the increasingly popular “bedroom pop” genre— a term not so popular with the underground artists themselves— KyloRay takes listeners on a ride reminiscent of a lighthearted summer atmosphere with the laid-back yet playful “Good Morning Love” single. 

In contrast with its upbeat production, the song’s lyrics follow an optimistic lover that admits their faults in a relationship while still clearly caring for their significant other. Claiming, “I know you’ve probably had enough” but also affirming “I know it’s more than love” we hear our lover continuing to pursue the relationship on a positive note, as they will still wait for their partner to come around despite the night growing late. In an all-too-familiar trope of the troubled, ups and downs type of relationship many listeners may be familiar with, KyloRay expertly navigates the relatable emotions in a unique and refreshing way. 

With songwriting skills that don’t even give the slightest hint at KyloRay’s being new to the music game, new fans are sure to continue following his new uploads regularly so as to not miss out. “Good Morning Love” brings the perfect summer vibes, and listeners will be happy to add this new artist’s single to their summer playlists. Listen now to “Good Morning Love” on YouTube, and be sure to follow KyloRay on Instagram @kylorayofficial for more updates.