Kris The Shark’s new single “Therapy” is truly a therapeutic experience

Kris the shark has just released his best work to date. With its infectious tune and rhythms, “Therapy” has been breaking records all over the Internet. The song’s popularity continues to grow, with over a thousand listens on Spotify. And there’s no indication of it slowing down.

Kris has an artist’s eye for detail. That fact was evident in his work. But now we’re seeing a different side of him. We can now tell that he also has a musical talent. He has the ability to write songs that appeal to his audience. They connect with us on a deeper level. That is what sets him apart from the rest.

“Therapy” was produced by Rumor Records, who did an outstanding job. They have ensured that the track has received the necessary care and attention. They have made sure that Kris’s directions for the music were followed and respected. And it’s clear that they put in a lot of work.

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