Krasimira Shatkova about what is to create Investing Empire

‘With inflation in the US at the highest in almost 40 years, investors are reevaluating their strategies for generating returns. After two years during which almost everything from stocks to crypto ones and real estate surged, the prospect of rate hikes from the Federal Reserve is rattling stocks and sparking a hunt for new opportunities’

Today we are talking with one of the most successful European investors, Krasimira Shatkova, about her start in 2013 and the Stocks situation at the moment: “It’s not only about the money, it’a about taking the right steps in right time”. Shatkova, Doctor of International Economics, create SH Investments as her first company. Her education starts from Sofia, Bulgaria and went up to London and Zurich.

Investor’s Advice: SiteOne Landscape Supply is one of stock that she likes. “Although the current environment, it has largely offset the pressures due to its dominant position in the industry”

“Despite the stock market’s recent increase, the consensus direction for the next year still remains up. As long as the economy continues to improve and the US’ infrastructure spending continues to grow, which also affects us im Europe – stocks are expected to continue their upward trajectory in 2022, according to Krasimira Shatkova.

She’s also interested in landscape offering SiteOne, the largest multilateral discount store of its kind in North America. Despite the fact that “scaling is paramount” in the current climate, SiteOne has significantly offset the pressure with its size and status as a “dominant man in the enterprise space”. As a core integrator and promotional wholesaler in the finishing supplies industry with a solid history of mergers and acquisitions, the company has a solid reputation and can be at the forefront of the field. SiteOne currently occupies about 15% of the came. It’s also worth noting that organizations can take advantage of the pandemic-speed out mainstream with a “new” crossover model in the market.